BLOG TOUR | Hungry Ghost by Victoria Ying


Imagine being constantly reminded to watch what you eat so you don't gain weight? Now imagine having to deal with that since childhood that you then eventually develop an eating disorder.

Valerie Chu is quiet, smart and thin. No one knows she makes herself throw up to keep herself thin. Her mom has had this mentality where your weight affects your ability to be happy. It doesn't. However, it doesn't help the fact that society once thought that way.

Being a mom, it was a little difficult to see the possibility I could be doing the same thing to my kids. Yes, I want them to be healthy and develop healthy eating habits, but I hope I don't end up pushing them too far.

The thing I did enjoy about this story is Valerie's awareness that she need help. She was not ashamed to admit it, and was not ashamed to seek it. Please be advised though of the trigger warnings for this graphic novel: death, eating disorder and fat shaming.

Now, I leave you with my favourite quotes from the book:

Remember, don't eat, just taste.

Jordan doesn't understand. Being beautiful takes... work. It takes pain... and sacrifice.

I've lived like a prisoner to my body.

I thought you had to be thin to be happy, to be loved.

Author Bio

Victoria Ying is an author and artist living in Los Angeles.  She started her career in the arts by falling in love with comic books, this eventually turned into a career working in Animation. (Bio courtesy of

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