Library Reads: April 2019

Library Reads is a monthly wrap-up of what my toddler pulls out of the library shelves to read before bed. Sometimes we get to read them all, sometimes we don’t.


What we read this month:

  • Hi, Harry! (Martin Waddell) - Meet Harry the tortoise who is looking for someone to play slow games, like Slow Races, with him; and who understands how great it is being slow.
  • Do You Want To Be My Friend? (Eric Carle) - We follow a little mouse in search of the best friend or companion for him.
  • A Isn't For Fox: An Isn't Alphabet (Wendy Ulmer) - This is a different take on the alphabet picture books. It's silly, funny, and the illustrations are quite good.
  • Walrus In The Baththub (Deborah Underwood) - This is this month's favourite. For the three weeks we have this, we probably read it 95% of the time. Walrus In The Bathtub is about a family who moves in to their new house and finds out there is a walrus in their bathtub. He sings walrus songs, orders clams, and pretty much floods the bathroom. There is happy ending to this, I promise. 😀

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