Ming's Christmas Wishes by Susan L. Gong

Book Cover: Ming's Christmas Wishes. Written by Susan L. Gong, and illustrated by Masahiro Tateishi
Ming's Christmas Wishes. Written by Susan L. Gong. Illustrated by Masahiro Tateishi

In Ming's Christmas Wishes, Ming wishes for 3 things: to sing in the school choir, to fit in, and to have a Christmas tree.

Ming's teacher hasn't let her be a part of their choir for a few years, and although her teacher said it's because she's "headstrong", Ming thought it had something to do with her ethnicity. Her family are Chinese immigrants, and Gong was able to show the racism one can experience although very brief.

The main story line in this picture book is that Ming wants a Christmas tree in their home for the holidays. Something her mother wouldn't approve because it isn't part of Chinese tradition. I am not Chinese, so I'm not well versed about their tradition and culture. However, I am an immigrant. I know how it feels to have to work around two different cultures for respect to be met in both ends.

What I love about this story is Pop's little "loop hole" so Ming can have her tree. It reminded me of all the things a parent will do for their child, even the simple things. I guess Pop saw how important it was for Ming to have a Christmas tree. I did wish Gong offered a little back story of Ma's life. What happened for Pop to say "her's is a hard story."?

Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading Ming's Christmas Wishes. I don't know if all of her wishes would come true, but one sure did.

Ming's Christmas Wishes is written by Susan L. Gong, and is beautifully illustrated by Masahiro Tateishi. Thank you to Shadow Mountain Publishing (Instagram) for providing me with a physical copy in exchange for an honest review.

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