Please Pick Me by Reina Regina

And if a reader lives a thousand lives,
then the thousand heroines in me
would gladly belong

in a thousand happily-ever-afters
with the thousand heroes in you.

I used to write poetry when I was younger. Rhyming verses expressing strong feelings towards a boy I fell in love with filled a few notebooks. I was 13, and we were in the same class. For four years I wrote mostly about him.

Reading Please Pick Me by Reina Regina brought me back to him.

Please Pick Me is divided in 4 sections: flowers, thorns, roots, and seeds. Each section is a collection of poems categorized based on emotions they are to convey. What I love about this, is the reading experience you get depending on how you read it.

Read it chronologically and you get a story of love, and the hurt that comes with it. You'll get a story full of growth, vulnerability, acceptance and understanding. It's knowing it's ok to want to be wanted. It's knowing you can ask for the kind of love you know you deserve, whether that's romantic or familial. Reading it gave me the butterflies and the highs one feels on the first signs of love, and the lows when it starts to crumble.

On the other hand, reading it in bits and pieces (because let's face it, there are certain poems which we'll come back to multiple times because they speak to us more than others) poses the poems as a way of help for you to express your feelings.

Would I recommend this book? Yes. Yes, I would.

I would like to thank Reina for reaching out and sharing her book. I've had a wonderful experience reading it and I'm excited to be able to provide pre-order links so you can experience it too. You can find Reina on her Instagram. Please Pick Me comes out on November 11.

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