The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade

The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade is an adorable book. We watch Lance Cottonwood pass his classes with flying colours: from wind resistance, photosynthesis to pigment changing. He’s easily the best in his class. However, during his final exams we find out there is one thing he worries about.

This is such a great book not just for little kids, but also for adults. It teaches us a few things:

  • We can only be ourselves. We not need to compare us to others as we all have our own unique traits that make us who we are.
  • We are all capable of different things.
  • We all are afraid or worried of something.
  • Hardwork pays off.

I think I read this book in just the right time. We’re all in quarantine: we’re advised to social distance; to not make any store trips unless absolutely necessary. And I think the one that this story touches the most: our kids are currently home from school. Lance’s teacher knew he could do it. His teacher understood the reason for his hesitation to complete his final exam and assures him that he’s worked hard for what he’s about to accomplish without forcing him to jump.

So this is for the students and the teachers out there. You guys rock!

Publication Date: Sept. 1, 2020.

Thank you Capstone for an advance copy. (via Netgalley)

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Library Reads: April 2019

Library Reads is a monthly wrap-up of what my toddler pulls out of the library shelves to read before bed. Sometimes we get to read them all, sometimes we don’t.


What we read this month:

  • Hi, Harry! (Martin Waddell) – Meet Harry the tortoise who is looking for someone to play slow games, like Slow Races, with him; and who understands how great it is being slow.
  • Do You Want To Be My Friend? (Eric Carle) – We follow a little mouse in search of the best friend or companion for him.
  • A Isn’t For Fox: An Isn’t Alphabet (Wendy Ulmer) – This is a different take on the alphabet picture books. It’s silly, funny, and the illustrations are quite good.
  • Walrus In The Baththub (Deborah Underwood) – This is this month’s favourite. For the three weeks we have this, we probably read it 95% of the time. Walrus In The Bathtub is about a family who moves in to their new house and finds out there is a walrus in their bathtub. He sings walrus songs, orders clams, and pretty much floods the bathroom. There is happy ending to this, I promise. 😀

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