BLOG TOUR | Spellbound by F. T. Lukens

Edison Rooker — Rook — seems to be your normal average teenager looking for a job until the real reason why he singled out Antonia's shop is revealed. He doesn't have any magic, and the closest he's ever been to the magical community was when his grandmother was alive. After his grandmother's passing, he created the Spell Binder, a device for detecting magic, to be able to regain access to the magical world. The problem: technically, the device is illegal; and the fact he has it, a non-magical person, makes it worse.

On the other hand, Sun is magical through and through. We meet them as Fable's (Antonia's rival) apprentice on their way to deliver a box of cursed items to Antonia's shop to be "fixed". If Rook needs the help of the Spell Binder to see the ley lines, Sun's special ability allows him to see magic (in addition to being able to use / wield it).

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Virtually Me by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown 

The story takes place after the pandemic hits, and one of the things I appreciated about it is attending VR school is not mandatory. Chad Morris and Shelly Brown made it clear that in-person school is still an option. These kids are in VR school for a reason, and though their reasons are different it all stems from one thing: their physical appearance.

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2023 Reading Goals

A little related update: I started a new job at a bookstore last June. This new job led me to have more physical books than usual because your girl has no "shelf-control", hahaha! The amount of books I have amassed in the last six months is the main contributor to the decision of having a TBR jar for 2023. Thanks to my 8-year-old's enthusiasm to help, I now have a Parmesan container as a TBR "jar".

It's early yet to say if I'll be able to stick to these goals given I didn't include any library books, or Netgalley books / ARC. However, I am hopeful. I am determined to read as much as I can of those I already own.

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An Advent Of Christmas Carols

It's never too early to think about Christmas shopping, and the Christmas traditions your family observes. I am a big fan of advent calendars and I have been fixing up my kids' calendars every November to make sure it's ready by December 1st. An Advent Carols Countdown is another great way to go about advent calendars this holiday season.

This book comes with 24 carols, some you might already be familiar with, each with a QR code and a history of why, and when the carol is written. The QR code links to a video of a performance of the carol it's attached to.

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On The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes

The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes is about Coriolanus Snow. Yes, the President Snow on his teenage years. It's been 10 years since the war ended, and the Hunger Games is in its 10th year. Also, the tributes in this year's games are mentored by a bunch of high school students (pretty much) one of which is Snow.

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